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Who We Are & What We Do



My Way Autism Fund for Armenia Inc. is a non-profit organization established to fund-raise and help implement programs and activities benefiting children and young adults on the autism spectrum to improve their ability for productive, meaningful, and integrated life in the community throughout their lifetime.

We support organizations who are directly active in the fields of providing daily care, effective job, and vocational training, organizing athletic and social events, outdoor activities including camping and hiking.  We focus on supportive and educational services that enable autistic individuals to reach their potential, learn responsibilities and basic life skills to be more independent.

We emphasize that due to limited resources and services available in Armenia, there is an increasing need for the autism community which remains our main priority and the center of our attention.

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We work towards to a life changing advocacy for an inclusive society that understands, accepts, and respects all individuals on the autism spectrum and other developmental disabilities to empower each person to reach their highest potential.

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My Way Autism Fund for Armenia Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable purposes and qualifies as an exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

This corporation is a Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation organized for public and charitable purposes only and it is not established for the private gain of any one person.

Board of Directors

Our board members devote their time and efforts to MWAFA with a strong believe in its vision.
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Hovik Mirzakhanians


Hovik and Garina Mirzakhanian are parents to Meher, 25-year-old young man with autism.  Here are a few words on what motivated them to start this organization.

Garina Mirzakhanians


“Our son Meher inspired us to start this non-profit together with other parents and friends. We felt that this is the best way to give back to the school that he attended and that we, with the help of our supporters can raise funds and extend a hand to others like him who need the help to learn and grow into unique individuals.”

Karmen Abelian


Karmen Abelian has been on the board since it was established in 2021.  She is a close friend with Meher’s parents for many years and has seen the struggles of autism so when she was asked to join the board as the secretary, she was excited since helping others with disabilities has always been important to her.  She wanted to be part of an organization that uses resources across the globe to better the lives of others.   She is always looking for ways to fund-raise for the children and the young adults at My Way school so they have the opportunity to learn and grow with confidence.  When she is not volunteering, Karmen is busy with her love of art and crafts inspired by nature.

Lilit Soghomonyan

Member of the Board

Lilit Soghomonyan graduated from Fine Arts and Drama Institute in Yerevan, Armenia and   is a member of Artist's Union of Yerevan. She participated in numerous exhibitions both in Armenia and abroad. She now works at the National Gallery of Armenia, in the Modern Art Museum.  Lilit is a co-founder of Overcoming Autism, a non-profit organization that was established in 2004.  She is the chairman on the board of National Autism Foundations since 2012 and due to the hard work of the foundation, My Way educational, rehabilitation and vocational training day care center was established in 2015.  She is on the board of My Way Autism Fund for Armenia Inc. since it was established in 2021.  She is a devoted mother to a daughter with autism and she devotes all her free time to the school to fund-rase, advocate and volunteer to make sure that all the students get the best care and support possible.

Hasmik Markaryan

Member of the Board

Hasmik Markaryan is an Armenia native. She graduated from Yerevan State Medical Institute in 1994. She completed her ENT residency in 1997 and has been practicing medicine in the ENT field since 2005 at the Erebuni Medical Center. Hasmik is the founder and president of the non-profit organization Overcoming Autism since 2004 and is on the board of National Autism Foundation since 2012.  She joined the board of My Way Autism Fund for Armenia Inc. in 2021.  Hasmik has son on the autism spectrum and with her busy schedule as doctor, she finds time to volunteer at the school and has been instrumental in planning social activities and fund-raising.

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